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Power Solution

TST System Engineering Sdn Bhd provides System design of DC, AC, UPS, backup Battery, Solar power for all electrical system


10-100KVA UPS

Static Transfer Switch

0.6-5KVA UPS

Solar Panel


Nickel Cadmium Battery

30-60A Solar Charger

30-60A Solar Charger

10/20A 12VDC Battery Charger

5/6/7.5/9/12/24VDC Power Adaptor

12/24VDC Power Adaptor

230VAC to 24VAC @ 1A Power Adaptor

20-30A 12/24VDC PSU

3-16.5A 12/24VDC PSU

5/12Vdc Mini PSU

5/12Vdc Din Rail PSU

13.5VDC 15A PSU for 2 way Radio Base Station

24VDC to 13.5VDC Converter

Wind Power Turbines

415V to 240VAC 100VA Transformers


1000W Inverter

2000W Inerter with Charger

Variable Speed Inverter




240V to 110Vac Setdown Transformers









For more information please email us at sales@tstsystem.com.my

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