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GST provides a complete range of fire products and customized fire system solutions tailored to the needs of different industries. GST Fire conformity to standards such as China’s CCCF, the global LPCB, Europe’s CE, Malaysia Bomba Approved and the international UL.

1 loop or 2 loops,235 devices for 1st loop,242 device for 2nd loop 30 zones fire and fault/disable indication PAS and Acknowledge Function Dirty detector reporting Walk test feature Build in RS485 repeater output, (maximum10 repeaters) Standard: EN54-2/EN 54-4 Mains supply: 220/230VAC 50/60Hz Backup battery: 24VDC/22AH


Addressable Fire Fire Alarm Panel

Addressable Photo Electric Detector

Addressable Dual Heat Detector

Addressable Intelligent Ultraviolet Flame Detector





Infrared beam detector Detection range 8 to 100 meters Path width 7 meters each side 1 to 4 reflectors for different path length Standard EN54-12 

 Re-settable (non-breaking glass) via special key  Advanced digital communication  Electronically addressing  Friendly installation and test  Wiring before termination  Semi-flush mount installation  Optional back-box for surface mount  Stylish pleasing design  LPCB Approved  

  Addressable combined flashing high intensity LED beacon and sounder  Two part plug-in construction with base mounted termination allowing easy installation and connection  Electronically addressed

  Two parts construction with base mounted termination allows easy installation  Evacuate only or Alert/Evacuate mode can be set through handheld programmer  Remote start input can be used to co-operation with other systems  Strobe provided by high intensity LED cluster  Electronically addressed  LPCB Approved

Addressable Reflective Beam Detector

Addressable Manual Call Point

Addressable Sounder Beacon

Addressable Sounder Strobe

         Available for LPG, Natural Gas and Coal Gas (please specify at time of order)  Built-in relay contacts for control of Gas Valves / Extract etc  Built-in sounder with 2 stage alarm  Manual reset and control (on/off) of relay contacts  Electronically addressed  Wall-mount (LPG) or ceiling mount (Natural Gas and Coal Gas)  Addressable CO detector suitable for car park and garage use  Loop powered, maximum 80 units per loop  Two stage alarm for two preset alarm levels  Long life sensor, easy maintenance  Electronically addressed  Mounting plate provided    

Combustible Gas Detector

Display network message (Fire, Plant and Fault)

Addressable  CO Gas Detector

Up to 100 LED per module Custom graphical layout



Display message (Fire, Fault, Action, Disable) Remote full control and monitor of systems Multi-level Password protected




Network Repeater Panel


Graphic Repeater Panel

Graphic Monitor Software



 GST is a part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp.


For more information please email us at sales@tstsystem.com.my


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