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TST System Engineering Sdn Bhd provides Mechanical & Electrical (M & E) engineering and maintenance services to commercial, industrial, petroleum and petro-chemical industries. TST will bid lump sum works to furnish material and labor for construction the projects.



1-200KW Inverter

Din Rail 10KA Surge Protection

22mm buzzer with LED  (12VDC)

22mm Push button/Pilot Light Switch Panel Label Frame

ELCB/RCCB 40A, 100mA



13A Din Rail Socket

10A Dual-line MCB

PG Gland

ABB Relay (12/24VDC/240VAC)

ABB Relay Base



Enclosure Box

Fasen camping tool

Heavy Duty Cable Cutter (250mm)

Hydraulic Crimping Tool 16-300mm cable


230VAC Fans with Filters (225x225mm) 

230VAC Fans (120 x 120 x 38mm)

24VDC Fans (120 x 120 x 38mm)

12VDC Fans (120 x 120 x 38mm)


Cabinet Lock

Din Rail Kit

Motor/Pump Control Panel

LED Solar Warning Light












Traffic Light Controller 


10-30m High Mast Lighting














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Electrical Installation
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